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Manx Cat Gift Shoppe
Manx Stamps
Clacritter Designs makes beautful rubber stamps of Manx cats. They may be made into address stamps or used as a design stamp. You may also order custom stamps, business cards or stationery.

Encyclopedia CD-Rom
Our complete encyclopedia is everything you need to know, from A to Z.... really. Includes semi-annual updates -- never have out-of-date reference materials again.


Collection CD-Rom
Over 300 useful and fun programs for home and office. Utilities, games, educational software... be ready to spend some time with this one!


Database Integration
Our database guru Ron can make sure your legacy data is integrated into your new applications and services. We work with all major database applications and some minor ones. Security and data integrity guaranteed -- call for a quote.
$5000 and up

Part of the proceeds to benefit the American Manx Club