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Manx Cat Gift Shoppe

Enjoy a new Manx cat for each month with this nice large 12 month wall calendar with big boxes for all your messages $12.99.

Manx Cats: 2004 Wall Calendar

Manx Cats: 2004 Wall Calendar
Stocky in appearance yet even-tempered and affectionate, Manx cats may or may not have a tail. Although many myths surround their origin, these cats are thought to have originated on Great Britain's Isle of Man. The Manx is known as a very loving, mellow, and even-tempered cat. Some people consider the breed to be the most dog-like of the cat breeds, because Manx cats like to help people and can often get very protective of their home environment. This 2004 wall calendar features a variety of candid and still shots paired with cat-related quotations from literature. The result is a collection of timeless, feline portraits that are sure to delight Manx cat lovers.


Part of the proceeds to benefit the American Manx Club