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Vagary Mews Manx Cats

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From My Home To Your Heart

A responsible breeder will only offer you a choice of cats or kittens that will suit and be suitable in your home situation.

CFA Registered Manx

Here are some of the advantages to acquiring your Manx from a breeder:

Support with information ranging from what to feed to how to deal with problems that may arise.

A guarantee of soundness, temperament and health.

Knowing that, in the event you're no longer able to keep your Manx due to some cataclysmic life circumstance, he/she will be welcome back at the breeder's home.
In return, a breeder will have a sales contract that you must sign as a condition of being owned (by a Manx). In most cases it will outline general conditions and probations, such as:

No roaming outside (it's an unsafe world out there).

No declawing (if you don't want claws, get a snake...).

Notification of the breeder in the event you can no longer provide a home for the cat.

Spaying or neutering if it hasn't already been done.

Many breeders have a waiting list to get cats/kittens. My list is kept in my computer. When cats or kittens become available, I send out an e-mail about them to everyone on my list.

Rescue Cats

There are also "rescue" cats that I hear about on occasion - these cats need homes and I'll pass the word along to anyone who is interested in finding one. As a breeder, people will contact me to help them find a new home for a Manx or Manx type cat that has been displaced. An e-mail to me with a request to be put on my list will get you notification of any available cats or kittens.

Loving A Manx

Although I love almost any kind of animal, I find it hard to think of a better companion than a Manx. Manx kittens or cats are not easy to come by, but it's well worth the wait to get one of your very own. As with all pet animals, be sure to act responsibly and neuter or spay your new kitten, he or she will be much better off and you will have a much more devoted friend. The other thing to remember about cats is that they have claws - if you can't deal with that fact, you need to select another kind of pet. --Gale 


I'm always happy to answer Manx related questions -- contact me via email at the link below.