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Vagary Mews Manx Cats

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Available Cats and Kittens in NC (near Asheville)

Please e-mail me for up-to-the-minute information on any available cats or kittens.


If you are beyond driving distance, I would recommend trying to see if you can find a cheap ticket to fly and pick up your Manx. It's fun to visit the cattery and see the "folks". 
The airline will charge you a fee (usually $125 to $225) to carry the cat in the cabin, and your carrier must fit under your seat, however, this is the safest method of flying a cat.  I can accomodate an overnight stay at my house and transportation to and from the Asheville, NC airport.  I can also deliver the cat to you at the airport for an immediate return trip. 
Shipping will usually cost somewhere between $250 and $300 - it depends on the airline.  I can not ship when it is either very hot or very cold - and both ends of the flight must be considered for temperature if the cat travels alone.

How Not to Buy A Kitten

Buying a kitten by it's color is just plain crazy. Buying a cat is not like picking out a sofa.  The sofa will not be interacting with your family and you - it's not alive with it's own needs and personality.  Color is a fine way to pick a sofa. 
What good it is to have a certain color cat if it cannot deal with your home life?  If it's hiding under the bed because it was not suited to dealing with your kids, dogs, lifestyle or whatever.  What if it hates your other cat or cats because it wanted to be an "only" cat?

As a breeder, I will not sell a kitten if I think it's not a good personality match for the new home.  So, if someone wants a red kitten and has a child and a dog, and the red kitten I have for sale needs to belong to adults - that kitten is not sold to the home with the child and dog.
Does this mean that I'm always right - NO - but I do try to match people to kittens or cats so that both the people and the cats will be happy - otherwise, why have a pet at all??

Manx Kittens

No more Manx kittens: I have retired from active breeding and showing.
For adoptions contact: 
Susan Murphy at


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One Cat Available

Vagary Utopia, Male, born 5/25/10
Big teddy bear of a cat - LOVES tummy rubs... OK with dogs and cats.


This cat came back from his home because of multiple German Shepherd puppies that grew up into multiple dogs without being sold by their older, single owner. 5 HUGE dogs were deemed to be too many and perhaps dangerous to him since they are not really trained... There were also two other cats living there (staying in their own room lest they be eaten or chased). The owner elected to let me re-home him for his own safety and quality of life. 

Vagary Manx owners will receive preference on this adoption.

Contact Vagary Manx: